Crowd Search Me – Does it Really Improve SEO Rankings?

Crowd Search Me has hit the market hot off the Google algorithm update for penguin and panda, where spammy backlinks, and other techniques were severely devalued. This left many search engine optimization professionals wondering, What works in SEO? You can see people in popular Internet Marketing forums such as WarriorForum discussing

What is Your Bounce Rate? More Personal than How Big is Your “DI*K” (because it matters)

Bounce Rate SEO factor

Interesting Case Study. Someone actually took the time to read the Google notes on the words they use such as “Bounce Rate”

“Bounce rate is a measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors.”

Here is a Google Insider Fawning all over Bounce Rate: WATCH THIS

Now that’s straight from the horses mouth. “Sexiest metric ever…it helps you ask the right questions.” They use this data to see what your competitors bounce rate is, and if you can’t compete you aren’t going to stay long on page 1, even if you have thousands of backlinks and social signals.

A Brief History Lesson


Websites use to be able to survive with 80% bounce rates. This was in early 2000’s. As Google tracked more and more data through adsense codes and analytics a trend began to emerge; any website with a high bounce rate meant the user experience was poor, and the searchers intent did not match up with your webpage/landing page experience. Google’s public shareholders are its “searchers”, and Google must cater to them first and foremost. This is why, fast forward to 2015, and Google uses average time spent on page, number of pageviews, and bounce rate more highly than any other Offpage metric.

average time spent on page Google

CTR (Click Through Rate) – Do Searchers click on your Results in Google?

Even jaded, seo gurus from blackhatworld and other forums are realizing bounce rates and CTR are beginning to matter more than ever from all these Google updates:

ctr click through rate seo serp factor google

An SEO Time machine

crowd search organic rankings

SEO is actually easier today, which makes it harder (what a paradox!). ONpage optimizations + high quality content = more engaged visitors; not more throwing links at crappy websites. Even though backlinks and social signals are huge offpage factors for search rankings, they have been usurped by the omnipotent average time spent on page and bounce rate. Think about it, if you were Google would you reward a website with 27% bounce rate, or one with 97% with a weak one page opt-in sales page. Of course…, and that’s why Crowd Search Me is really getting everyone excited, including Super affiliates, web design agencies, resellers, and direct business owners.

As long as Google tracks click through rates, average time spent on page, # of pageviews, exit rate, and bounce rate, they are crowdsourcing their users (searchers) to deliver the best results to other end users. A self-perpetuating loop of efficiency.

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